Welcome to the Sin Lung Kwoon, a martial arts school that offers classes in Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and Hsing I. Sin Lung Kwoon in Chinese literally means the Celestial Dragon School and it is of the 4th generation from Taiwan. The school’s chairman is Sifu Mike Bingo, a respected lineage holder and teacher of the Tang Shou Tao (Chinese Hand Way) style of martial arts.

Qi Gong

What is it? - Qigong (Chi Kung) literally translated means "breath/energy work" or the art of managing one's breathing in order to achieve and maintain good health. The practice of Qi Gong dates back thousands of years to China. It is the traditional Chinese belief that the body is made up of an energy, called Qi (pronounced chee), and by cultivating and nurturing this energy through certain breathing exercises, one can increase their vitality and longevity. Exercises include diaphragmatic breathing, standing postures, deep relaxation, and meditation or emptying one’s mind. Qigong classes can be taken strictly for maintaining health or in conjunction with the Chinese martial arts.